Sprawdzian 2015 język angielski 9-11

Zadanie 9. (0–3) Zdecyduj, o czym jest każdy tekst (9.1.–9.3.). Dopasuj do każdego tekstu właściwy temat (A–D). Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą kratkę.

Uwaga! Jeden temat nie pasuje do żadnego tekstu.

A. a cinema       B. a concert       C. a match       D. a shop

It was a wonderful day. A lot of people came. Our team played very well. We won. John Brown was the best footballer. He scored two goals. The winners got cinema tickets as a prize.

This text is about

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abcd_c.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

The tickets weren’t expensive. We had very good seats. Our school band was fantastic. Monica sang a beautiful song. Adam and Rob played their guitars. Our teacher made a film of the event.

This text is about

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abcd_b.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

I like going there. It’s a small place but there are many interesting things on the shelves. You can buy posters, T-shirts and footballs. Some of them have autographs of famous players. They are not very expensive. And yesterday I bought a CD with music for aerobics there.

This text is about

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abcd_d.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

Zadanie 10. (0–4) Przeczytaj teksty (A–D). Z którego tekstu dowiesz się odpowiedzi na pytania 10.1 – 10.4.


12th Elephant Festival
09:00 – breakfast with elephants
11:00 – elephant parade
13:00 – circus show
Our gift shop sells:
– coffee mugs
– bookmarks
– T-shirts and much more
All with a photo of an elephant.


Did you know…?
– like to swim.
– live up to 70 years.
– sleep for only 3–4 hours and spend the rest of the day eating.


On Friday I went to the circus. I was very happy. There were clowns and many exotic animals. But there weren’t any elephants. They were ill. Can an elephant catch a cold?


Lucy, are you still sleeping? I’m watching the elephants at the zoo. It’s their breakfast time. I didn’t know they have such big appetites! They really love bananas and apples. I’m sending a photo.

10.1 Do you know how long elephants sleep every day?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abcd_b.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

10.2 Do you know where you can buy a souvenir with an elephant on it?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abcd_a.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

10.3 Do you know what elephants like to eat?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abcd_d.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

10.4 Do you know why people didn’t see elephants at the circus?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abcd_c.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

Zadanie 11. (0–4) Przeczytaj tekst. Wybierz poprawną odpowiedź A, B albo C na pytania 11.1.–11.4.


We’re having guests this weekend. Today Dad did the shopping, my brother helped Mum in the kitchen and I cleaned the house.

Uncle Mark arrived at nine. He’s a journalist and I like listening to his funny stories. He brought us some presents: chocolates for Mum, a computer game for my brother and a handbag for me. Uncle Anthony and Aunt Mary are coming tomorrow. Uncle Anthony is a bit boring. He’s a mechanic and he only talks about cars. Uncle Frank and his wife aren’t coming. They’re doctors and they’re very busy.

In the morning Dad went to the train station to meet Uncle Anthony and Aunt Mary and my brother and I went swimming. After dinner our whole family went to the theatre. We spent a very nice evening there.


11.1. What did Ann do on Thursday?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abc_a.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

11.2. What present did Ann get?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abc_c.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]


11.3. What is Uncle Anthony’s job?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abc_b.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]


11.4. Where did the family go on Saturday evening?

[SWF]https://sprawdzian.kochamjp.pl/swf/abc_a.swf, 600, 150 [/SWF]

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